Thursday, September 6, 2012


Ethan starts kindgergarten on Monday, which means that tomorrow is our last Friday together.  Ever since I had Ethan, I have had Fridays off, and they have always been our special day.  When he was an infant, I was so very thrilled to have special time for just the two of us.  I would turn up the music and dance around the room with him while he smiled up at me.  I would put him in the backpack and go on long walks and talk to him about everything we saw.  We would take long naps together, snuggling close. 
As he got older, we started our Friday morning hot chocolate together, which became a ritual.  We would do crafts together and play trains together.  We would run errands together.  We would read books and snuggle watching movies.  We had such fun enjoying our special bond.
Then Hudson came and I remember being worried that Fridays would be different and that I wouldn't be able to spend as much time with my buddy.  I was wrong - Fridays were as special as ever and for the past 3 years, I've had two buddies to enjoy the day with.  We've had such adventures together - making pancakes, going to the gym and the library, riding bikes, going to playgrounds and beaches, and exploring.
As he's gotten older, Ethan and I sometimes go on "dates".  This especially helps if he has a few bad days, or if I'm feeling that we're a little "off".  We do something just the two of us - our favorite is going on "adventures", a.k.a. nature walks in our neighborhood.  It always seems to work - it's like pushing the reset button. He is so very precious to me and the thought of not having Fridays with him anymore brings me to puddles of tears (clothes currently drenched).  While I look forward to special Friday time with Hudson and know that he is so ready for kindergarten (although he's a bit anxious), I will miss him so, so much.  I seriously hope I can make it through Monday.  And tomorrow.
But I at least know how we'll start off our day:  with hot chocolate.


Schwartz said...

I don't know how I missed this post (wait, yes I do!!!!). I hope the week has been kind, and I to miss my best gal. Here is to parenting and letting go. xoxo Michele

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Anonymous said...

You do have a special bond and I'm sure you will find other ways to continue the "dates". Watching them go off to school is difficult, but, like I told Michele, just wait til you take them off to college! That's the hardest! P.S. I love the picture of your house, even if was taken a while back. Love you too, Mom